Research support for John Sullivan

My mathematical research on optimal geometry has been supported by a series of individual grants from the NSF.

From May to December 2000, I was the acting director of the Center for Process Simulation and Design (CPSD) here at Illinois. CPSD was initially funded by NSF/DARPA's OPAAL program, and its renewal funding through 2006 comes from the NSF's ITR program. My work with CPSD has concentrated on meshing and surface-triangulation problems in computational geometry.

I collaborated with Hassan Aref and Siggi Thoroddsen of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (TAM) on a NASA project studying foams.

I am working with Sue Tolman (Math), Bridget Arvold (Math Education) and others on the METER (Math, English, Technology Education Resources) project. This is the UIUC portion of the statewide Illinois Professional Learners' Parternship (IPLP). The mathematics effort has focused on improving the training of highschool math teachers, including a revamped curriculum for Math 302 (nonEuclidean geometry). We are also participating in the NSF-funded (GK-12) EdGrid program, which supports teach fellowships for grad students in math and science.

Here are details of my external grants:

Multiscale Models for Microstructure Simulation and Process Design (CPSD)
NSF DMR-01-21695, PIs: Robert B. Haber, Duane D. Johnson, Jonathan A. Dantzig
$4000k, 1 Oct 2001 - 30 Sep 2006.
GK-12 EdGrid Graduate Teaching Fellows Program
NSF DGE-00-86455, PI: Eric Jakobsson
$1500k, 1 Apr 2001 - 30 Apr 2004.
Optimal Geometry: Theory and Computation
NSF DMS-00-71520, PI: John Sullivan
$106k, 1 Sep 2000 - 31 Aug 2003.
Illinois Professional Learners Partnership (IPLP)
US Department of Education, (grant P336990042-00A) PI: Paul Vogt (ISU), UIUC Co-PIs: Renee Clift, Bridget Arvold
$1994k (UIUC portion), 1 Oct 1999 - 30 Sep 2004.
Simulation and Optimization of Casting and Extrusion Processes (CPSD)
NSF DMS-98-73945, PI: Robert B. Haber, Co-PIs: David A. Padua, John M. Sullivan
$2199k, 1 Oct 1998 - 30 Sep 2001.
Fluid Physics of Foam Evolution and Flow
NASA NAG3-2122, PI: Hassan Aref, Co-PIs: John M. Sullivan, Sigurdur Thoroddsen
$405k, 7 Jan 1998 - 6 Jan 2002.
Theory and Computation of Optimal Geometries
NSF DMS-97-27859, PI: John Sullivan
$80k, 1 Sep 1997 - 31 Aug 2000.

At UIUC, I have also been supported internally as follows: