John Sullivan

Mathematical Visualization in Snow

In January 2004, I participated for the first time in the International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA. (See this local webpage.) I was part of "Team Minnesota", led by Stan Wagon. Our entry, entitled Turning a Snowball Inside Out was a depiction of a Morin surface, a halfway model for a sphere eversion. We got an honorable mention for "Most Ambitious Piece".
In January 2005, I will return to the competition as a member of the same team. Our entry is a split trefoil knot, entitled Knot Divided. In the space of a few days, working against the clock and against the danger of too much sunlight, we will carve the trefoil with a square cross-section, then spilt the tube lengthwise into two U-shaped halves, ending up with a much more complicated knot.