Math 1151, Precalculus II ---- Lecture Section 1, Winter 1997

This section of the Math 1151 is being taught by Prof. John Sullivan. Other sections of the course may differ slightly. Note: As of Monday 13 January, the lectures will meet in Nicholson 211 (not the original room in Owre basement). The syllabus and homework assignments are available here online. Note that there have been a few changes in the problems due for sections 5.5 and 6.1. The final exam for this course will be Monday 17 March 1:30pm-4:30pm, in Willey Hall 125 (on the west bank campus). All students must bring their official University ID card with them and present it to the proctors when handing in their exam. Students must also bring pencils to answer the multiple choice section of the exam. Office hours will be Friday Mar 14, 11-12, and Monday Mar 17, 10-12.