The Borromean Rings

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Charles Gunn and John M. Sullivan

Geometry and Visualization
Department of Mathematics
Technische Universität Berlin
Produced at:
3D Labor
Department of Mathematics, TU Berlin
DFG Research Center MATHEON
Samy Khadem
Software used:
jReality ( with: Surface Evolver, RenderMan, AVN
Programming support:
Nils Bleicher, Bernd Gonska, Martin Sommer
Sound enginerring:
Immanuel Aldag (Telefactory)
IMU Logo design:
John M. Sullivan with Nancy Wrinkle
Tight Borromean Rings:
J. Cantarella, J. Fu, R. Kusner, J. Sullivan, N. Wrinkle
Criticality for the Gehring Link Problem
Geometry and Topology 10 (2006) pp. 2055–2115
Photo credits:
Peter Cromwell, Philippe Lavergne, John M. Sullivan
Thanks to:
George Francis, Rob Kusner, Stuart Levy, Ines Putz, Nancy Wrinkle,
The Geometry Center (Minneapolis), NCSA and the University of Illinois,
jReality development team, TU Geometry and Visualization group