Panoramic Image Applet

John M Sullivan, University of Illinois
Click on the image and drag image up or down to pan.
(The number printed at the lower left corner gives the approximate angle of the bottom of the view, above the (North, I think) horizon.)
Panoramic image
If you see this message, your browser doesn't support Java, or Java isn't enabled. Thus the image here is not the working applet, but merely the fixed panoramic image.

This is a vertical panoramic image taken (2003 June 1) from below the center of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

My Canon PowerShot S30 digital camera came with software to glue together a series of overlapping images, even in a circular pattern for a complete panorama.

I wrote this java applet so that the resulting JPEG file (whose edges match perfectly to form a cylinder) could be viewed on the web.

If you click and drag with the right mouse button instead of the left, then its position will determine the speed of a smooth panning. Unfortunately, for now, you have to keep the mouse in motion (perhaps in small circles) for this to work right, as I haven't put in the proper timing code.