Math 302 Journals, Spring 2001

Twice a week, you will be given a journal assignment.  Usually, the assignments will be due on Mondays and Fridays.

Please buy a notebook to use as a journal; Mead composition books work especially well.  Your journal should be separate from the notes you take in class.

The journals are informal writing, but the entries must be legible and the meaning intelligible.  Focus on communicating your ideas!  Read over your entry to see whether what you wrote is understandable.  If not, you need to edit or to add more.

Since the journal entries are exploratory, it is not expected that the mathematics will always be completely correct; however, your writing should show some significant thought on the question.  You will probably want to do some preliminary work on scratch paper or with geometrical models before you begin writing.



Keep up with the assignments and bring your journal to class each day.  The instructor will, on a daily basis, check that the journal entries are done.  Journals will be collected near the end of the semester to be graded.  Journals count for 15% of your course grade and will be graded on a scale of 0 to 15.  Here are some criteria for grading:
15 points(A+): Significant progress and substantial, creative thinking on each question.
12 points(B): Some solid, clear thoughts on each question.
9 points(C-): Minimal effort, with little work beyond restating the questions.
Of course, your grade will be lower if entries are missing.