Math 302,   NonEuclidean Geometry,   Fall 2001

Class Handouts

Syllabus  (Aug 22)

Journals  (Aug 22)

How to drop homework grades  (Aug 22)

The Axioms  (Aug 24)

Cutouts for the Annular Hyperbolic Model  (PDF file, Aug 24)

Congruence of Rays, Segments and Angles  (PDF file, Sep 12)

Journal on Weird Triangles  (Sep 12)

Geodesics on Smooth Surfaces  (PDF file, Sep 17)

First Practice Test  (PDF file, Sep 21)

Journal on Maps of the Earth  (PDF file, Oct 1)

Conformal Maps  (PDF file, Oct 1)

Maps of the Sphere  (PDF file, Oct 3)

Maps of the Hyperbolic Plane  (PDF file, Oct 8)

Second Practice Test  (PDF file, Oct 26)

Journal on Spherical Triangles  (Oct 31)

Angle Sums of Spherical Triangles  (PDF file, Nov 2)

Journal on the CAVE  (Nov 5)