Math 317, Abstract Algebra, Spring 2003

Math 317 meets at 10am MWF, in Altgeld 243, and is taught by Prof. John Sullivan.

Please note the new classroom: 243 AH. Because someone in the class in now in a wheelchair, starting Friday Mar 7, we'll be meeting in Altgeld 243, one floor lower than our old classroom 345.

This page will be used for announcements of course news. The first-day syllabus handout is still available online.

Office hours are now Monday 4:30-5:30 and Tuesday 4:30-5:30.

The homework problems will be listed online as they are assigned.

Handouts, including homework solutions and a proof of the classification of finite abelian groups, are now listed on a separate page.

There is a special drop policy for Math 317, 344 and 347. If you are in the college of Engineering or LAS, then you can drop this course without academic penalty until Friday 25 April 2003. (LAS students should see Sue Woodside in the LAS office; Engineering students should see the college office in 206 Engrg Hall.)

The course will cover Chapters 0-8 of Papantonopoulou's book.

The hour exams are in class on Feb 28 and Apr 11. The first exam covered material through section 3.2 of the book. The extra problems that have been assigned (not to turn in) for homework would be good things to review for the hour exams.

The final exam for this course will be 8-11am Tue 13 May. Since this is a small course, any conflicts should generally be resolved by taking the other exam at a different time.

You will be able to check your grades for the class here online, using your campus password with the department's secure server. Note that your one lowest homework grade (marked **) will be dropped before averaging.