Math 323, Differential Geometry, Spring 2000

Math 323 meets at noon MWF, in Altgeld 343, and is taught by Prof. John Sullivan.

This page will be used for announcements of course news. The homework problems will also be listed online as they are assigned.

The first third of the course will cover sections 1.4, 2.2-2.4, 3.5, and 4.1-4.3 of the book. Chapter 1 should be a review of material you have seen before. We will skip most of Chapter 3, and skip all sections on differential forms.

The hour exams will be held in class on Feb 18 and Apr 7. The practice test for the second midterm is now available here online. It is in PDF format, so you'll need Adobe's Acrobat reader to view it.

The final exam for this course will be 7-10pm Tue 9 May. Since this is a small course, any conflicts should generally be resolved by taking the other exam at a different time.

If you want to check your final grades for the class, you can use your campus password with the department's secure server. Note that your one lowest homework grade (marked **) was dropped before averaging.

Math 323 will meet on Friday April 21 (at the usual time) in the Math Department's grafiXlab in Altgeld 102, where we can make use of computer demos, including parallel translation on the sphere: dragsphere

There is a new newsgroup, uiuc.class.math323, which has been created for Math 323, Spring '00. Please feel free to use this newsgroup for discussions about the lectures, homework or course material. I will try to check in regularly, but hopefully there will be discussions among students.

Prof. Francis is organizing a "Math Club" this semester on Wednesday evenings. The first week (Feb 2) will feature computer graphics videos, 8pm in Altgeld 314. See the Math Club webpage for more details and future listings.